How it works
Live Data

See and analyse data live on the supplied tablet


Transmits optically safe LED light and receives reflections at 4000 samples per second

Ground Vibrations

Ground vibration effects are measured by onboard accelerometers

Pile Vibrations

Ground vibrations generated by piling normally arrive at the PDM after peak velocity and displacement are measured


Disposable adhesive reflector is attached to the pile in the active measurement zone


Hammer performance can be tracked with the PDM for visible rams

The PDM uses state-of-the-art opto-electronics to make non-contact measurements of pile movement from 8 to 20m distance from the pile, which removes the PDM from the effects of ground vibrations.

Even from this distance, set is measured to 0.1 mm resolution, and the high digitization rate means that rebound and peak pile velocity can also be measured. No gauges or cables are required. A disposable reflective sticker is all that is placed on the pile – then just point and shoot! Finally – pile measurements for EVERY PILE that are fast, simple, accurate reliable and safe.

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