Cutting Edge Technology

Because every pile is important


  • Recording of pile set and temporary compression while protecting the health and safety of site personnel
  • Assessment of pile capacity
  • Hammer monitoring
  • Monitoring of marine piles from a fixed platform or a floating barge
  • Assessment of pile length and damage potential
  • Monitoring of vibratory installation
  • Static load test displacement monitoring
  • Monitoring of dynamic movements of structures, pavements and rail lines
  • SPT Monitoring and calibration
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Pile Capacity

Like it or not, 90 to 98% of piles installed are untested and being accepted using a dynamic formula or simple bearing graph which assumes constant hammer efficiency. For the first time, the PDM implements an improved dynamic formula which adjusts the delivered energy to EVERY PILE. When used as part of a testing program incorporating PDA testing of representative test piles, PDM provides real-time pile capacity evaluation during driving or on restrike.

The PDM can be used for final pile acceptance (final 10 blows), or it can be used for continuous monitoring of partial or full pile driving sequence. QC documentation is available within seconds.

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In some markets traditional pile set and rebound are measured directly on the pile during piling operations by hand.  Measurement of blow count and temporary pile compression is essential to ensuring quality piling outcomes, but manual measurements present a significant health and safety risk.

The PDM is a major advance in occupational health and safety (OH&S) allowing non-contact monitoring of EVERY PILE.  There is no excuse for putting the safety of workers at risk.

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Non-Contact Measurement Methodology

The PDM3 is the newly released generation which uses state-of-the-art opto-electronics to make non-contact measurements of pile movement from 2 to more than 50m distance from the pile, which removes the PDM from the effects of ground vibrations.

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A Versatile Monitoring Tool

The PDM3 can be used to take non-contact measurement of deflections to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm under dynamic loading conditions. With measurement frequencies of between 100 and 8000 Hz, rapid loading events, such as traffic, rail and wind loading, can be monitored with high resolution and accuracy.

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