Dr. Julian Seidel is an international expert in foundation design and dynamic pile testing. With his expertise in dynamic pile testing why did he develop the PDM (now Precision Dynamic Measurement device)?

“For many years I have realized that there is a significant and unrecognized risk in driven pile projects. Dynamic pile testing will only confirm capacity for 2 to 10% of project piles. The other 90 to 98% are driven to “set” on the assumption that the piling hammer operates consistently. Years of dynamic pile testing experience has shown that hammer efficiencies can vary by 30% or more. Similarly, without verification of hammer energy, it is possible for estimated pile capacities to be over predicted by 30% or more. The PDM3 remotely measures pile set and rebound (temporary compression) and pile velocity to allow full and simple quality control of EVERY PILE”.

And what about other applications?

“Since the development of the PDM3, we have found a great many practical uses both within the piling industry and throughout the broader engineering field. The ability to precisely monitor displacements during dynamic loading events has benefits to many practitioners.”

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